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Minerva Promotions feature the latest in embroidery tools‚ equipment‚ threads and embroidery digitizing software. We can embroider your logo in the most visually appealing‚ cost–effective manner.

With Minerva Promotions having our own digitizing department‚ we can save you time and money by eliminating the need to outsource the process. The end result is a rich and dimensional “painting” created from thousands of colored stitches and matching and maintaining your brand standards for design.

Minerva has a high quality in–house embroidery department featuring multi–head embroidery machines with numerous hoop sizes allowing us to embroider a range of sizes from a very small logo to a full back of a jacket.

With the absolute latest in embroidery equipment‚ tools and digitizing software‚ Minerva is the premier company to embroider your logo on to any of a thousand apparel styles or textile promotional products like bags‚ totes‚ etc. Our technically advanced system can provide our customers with a highly cost–effective product coupled with a fast order cycle to meet our customer’s individual needs.

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