Webstores are perfect for Teams - Fundraising - Group Orders - School Uniforms - School Spiritwear - Event Apparel - Class Apparel and much more.

Orders may include multiple brands based on inventory issues related to Covid-19.

TAX EXEMPT? - If you are a tax exempt organization, please contact a Sales Representative at Minerva Promotions, and create a tax exempt account before ordering online. 1.800.408.8337 or email

If paying by PO, Minerva Promotions must receive a physical copy of the PO within 24 hours of the order or we will cancel the order. Email PO to


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Running your team, organization, event or fundraising web store has never been easier. No longer do you have the headaches of paper forms or money to collect. Let Minerva Promotions do all the work- from designing and ordering, to collecting money and distributing. 

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We work with you to establish products and ordering instructions.

Step 02

We setup your personalized website with information provided in step one.

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You sit back and relax while we collect the orders on your web store.

Step 04

We close the store and provide you with a final order confirmation and a list for you to verify.

Step 05

We deliver your orders quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

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